Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm Certified ! (or should that be Certifiable ? )

  Last night, while I was idly wandering around the Grid, looking for something to do, I was IM'd by my Roleplay instructor,  Forceme Silverspar.
She wanted to know if I wanted to take my final exam --- now.
Since I had just given her the paperwork an hour or two before, I was surprised at the suddeness of it.
Lifting my chin bravely, I said "Go ahead."

  Shortly I was contacted by one of the ROPE examiners, questioned briefly about any scene preferences, and whisked myself off to the test-site.  I then proceeded to engage in a totally unscripted roleplay with a stranger, playing tourist to her guide.

  About 2 hours later,  I was informed that I had passed, with only a small bobble - I had been found guilty of 'doubleposting', which is posting two different sentences before the other participant has a chance to respond to the first one. Fortunately, it wasn't enough of a mistake to fail me, and I had realized my error and knew where I had gone wrong.

This morning, I received my certificate !

Now I'm off to other adventures.......  See you around

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