Sunday, September 19, 2010

Follow the Bouncing Balls

Pose balls......

 You've seen them.  Scattered about SL like candy gumdrops, promising wonderful thrills and endless fun.  
 Some are innocent - "sit here"  on a nice couch or dining room chair; some are a little naughty - "make out" or "cuddle".  Then there are those which are shameless, blatently advertising their sexuality =  "pound her", "suck him" or "take it deep."   And always, there's that mystery - but remember: beware the unlabled pose ball.....

 However,  like almost everything, they need a framework to function in.  The fanciest animations in SL aren't going to do a thing, if there's no thought going into their use.  
Yes, I can hop on a pink ball, and ride you like J. B. Mauney on Voodoo Child - but if that's all that's happening, I might as well be watching the 6 o'clock news.  Yes, I'm getting damp watching us, but it isn't going to finish the job.   Talk to me.  At the very least, say 'mmmm', and 'oh fuck yes'  once in a while. I'm not asking for the next best-selling novel, but please, tell me something.

Some of the best SL sex that I've ever had has been with people I was just sitting with.   Sitting.   Maybe in a close snuggle, maybe sitting at the bar, maybe 10 metres apart.  Sometimes my partner hasn't even been in the same sim.  
It can actually free up the play, when one is not constrained by the positions one finds oneself in.  The action flows, moving smoothly from one stage to the next, as a chance encounter turns into a sexual whirlwind.  Under these circumstances, pose balls can be a distraction.

 But I'm not anti-poseball.  They can enhance a scene, by adding pictures to the words, and can be, for the verbally challenged, a wonderful thing.   They're also excellent for when you're short on time,  just enough for a quickie, with minimum exchange of words.  
 They're essential in making a good machinima, the words can always be added later.  They're nice for exploring new positions, some of which are rather much NPIRL. They provide hours (well, minutes) of entertainment for bystanders, especially when used in Local. 
They just need to be used correctly, in my opinion. 

 Don't simply climb onto a ball set and expect me to join you - not without some conversation. "Hey u wanna fuk" is not conversation.  Neither is "Cum here, bitch, let me rape you." If you use those lines in your First Life, and they work,  then I'm sorry for you.
Forced sex doesn't have to be stupid sex. Put a little thought into it. Tell me how you're going to get me into your fantasy -- kidnapping, slip up behind me and grab, or the use of drugs. If approached properly, I'm usually willing to provide directions, or help you find a lost puppy.  Or,  I might be the one asking for help..... 

 Try to match the words to the action - don't just mumble canned phrases of excitement in my ear.  If you don't have the words to describe it, tell me what you're feeling - how turned on you are, what you're going to do to me,  that sort of thing.  It doesn't have to be a play-by-play commentary : "gawd I'm so fucking hot, I want to blow my load all over your face !" is good enough, as long as that's not the only thing you tell me all night.

And for gawds sake, DON'T keep changing the MLP poses in mid fuck.  Going from a kneeling bj to a twisted rear entry in a matter of seconds is disconcerting, and pisses me off -- especially if I've nearly completed typing an emote relating to the position I was in.    Once or twice, you're forgiven - but if it keeps happening,  I'll either fade to black and go read my email, or leave the room entirely, and possibly mute you.

*A special place in SL Hell is reserved for those who screw around with other people's menus*

 To quote something I read in a profile once,  "Pose balls don't play -- people do."  Without words, we're just cartoon figures in a digital world.  Nice to look at, but there's nothing to connect to.
 But that's just my style.  I'm a word-whore.  You can get me off with words alone,  but I'd love to have a steaming hot encounter involving the proper use of poseballs.

IM me.............. 


  1. Professional Bull-Riding, is it?

    I find the more-cryptically named poseballs to be just irresistable, and I'm glad I have you to learn with.

  2. They can be fun, can't they ? -- and I'm glad I have you to laugh with about them.

  3. I agree with your post! Some of the best RP I've had has been without (or in spite of) poseballs:)

    Hehe...but one thing you neglected to mention are the clickable genitals that then take over the "RP" and fill local chat with inane green text and spurt white particles 15 feet in the air out your spinal column... This one time at band camp...I mean, in Gangbangers...I made such a comment and the girl with the clickable genitalia said, "You think you can do better, bitch?" I then proceeded to do a self-pleasure emote for the next five minutes that left the men (and women) drooling but which Miss Click-My-Pussy didn't even have the common courtesy to stick around for...