Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flogger Loggers - sigh

( I decided that this post really belonged to Musings, 
rather than to the Steamy Side, so I've re-posted it here )

  I was out and about the other day, and on a whim, accepted a TP from a random encounter, who IMed me, and aroused my interest (pun intended).

  He was articulate, good looking, and nicely endowed. He brought me to a nice place, and we enjoyed several minutes of play.
Then, just as things were heating up, and getting 'interesting,' he vanished without warning. After a few minutes, I realized that this wasn't a connection failure, and, sighing deeply, went home.

  This isn't the first time this has happened to me, and from what I've heard it's not all that uncommon. It's also quickly becoming one of my pet peeves.

  Guys, if you can't stay at the computer for the whole scene, please let your partner know in advance if you're going to be bailing.
It can be extremely frustrating to be involved in a scene (especially one that is good) and suddenly have no one to play with.
(I'll make exceptions for crashes - just let me know when you get back)

  One of the nicest compliments I've ever received was: "brb - I have to change my shirt."    This let me know both that I succeeded in my goal to make sure my partner had a good time, and also that he stayed long enough to let me know that he did.

Bring a towel, boys. It very well may improve your chances of a repeat encounter.

originally posted - 5 September 2010