Friday, October 29, 2010

It's All Fun & Games -- Until Somebody Loses....

Well, now.  It's been an interesting past few months in my Second Life. As in "...may you live in interesting times..."
     As you may have read in a previous blog, I was a bit bored with the everyday slife of shopping (for things I didn't need), building (things I was probably never going to have a use for) and sightseeing (of places I was probably never going to see again).  So I finally decided to check out the sex.  
     SL is all about sex - right ?   It's everywhere - everywhere it isn't restricted.  So, I checked out a few of the free sex places, lagged, laughed and moved on. I tried a few forced fantasy sims - mostly empty, or inhabited by far too many females, gathering like buzzards over a fresh roadkill whenever a male came into view.  I had a few good encounters here and there, but it didn't seem quite what I was looking for.

    Then I fell into Hard Alley.  Not a bad f/m ratio, interesting profiles, a plausible background, and loads of possibilities for entertainment.   So I added it to my rather humdrum list of groups, IMed Hard Rust, as the info board suggested, and received the title of 'Lost Innocent'.   Having a rather odd sense of humor, I decided to live up to the title, and thus, the avatar known as Chrystina Foxdale came into full fruition.  She was wary, skittish, confused -- and full of curiosity. 

     In HA, 'short-term' roleplay is encouraged - add some story to your sexplay, nothing complicated, just a bit more than "hey, cummere, baby".         I took that a few steps further, expanding into a full-blown back story, and an ongoing role as the 'resident prude' of the Hard Core Sex and Strip Club.  I was never discouraged, and actually encouraged to interact with the patrons and employees.  I was told I played the role so well that some people had asked Hard to throw me out of the sim.  I arranged for my own 'deflowering' with a man I met in the strip club one night, and who has become one of my best friends.

     But one man in particular caught my imagination....
He was a stripper - a dancer for money.  He was a DJ.  He was also the Mayor of Hard Alley -- Takashi Alekseev.  We meshed well - he tried to pry the shy Chrystina from her closed shell of perceived morality, and I resisted his evil ways and depraved intentions as best I could.  This went on, and gradually, through words and music, he succeeded in his role as seducer. 

    The shy, clueless, Lost Innocent bloomed.  I started buying more clothes - things I thought he'd like to see me in;  I bought some 'toys' with the hopes that maybe someday I'd have somebody to share them with.  I took roleplay classes, and I learned to cyber, and then I started interacting with some of the men who came to the Alley looking for entertainment. 
But no matter where I went, looking for fun, I always returned to the Club.  It had become my home, and the regulars had become my family.

     But right now, I have no home.   For reasons I don't entirely understand, Takashi has chosen to move out of Hard Alley.           
And I've chosen to go with him.    Because, somewhere along the way, in addition to losing my roleplayed uptight righteousness,  I've also lost my heart. 

SL is a game - right ?  Well ...  not entirely.


  1. As a wise crab once said "You are hopeless, child. You know that. Completely hopeless."

  2. Not many understood your RP at first. I am glad you stuck with it and gave them time to get to know you and your style of play. That kind of persistance will pay off for you in more ways than one...