Monday, August 30, 2010

ROFL (a 1st Life Moment)

Did you ever have one of those moments when 
your 1st Life and your 2nd Life crossed paths ?

We suddenly needed a new toilet seat, so DH
went off to the hardware store
-- I came downstairs, and this was there to greet me.


I don't think I stopped laughing for 15 minutes.

Now back to my irregularly unscheduled broadcasts............

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I'm Certified ! (or should that be Certifiable ? )

  Last night, while I was idly wandering around the Grid, looking for something to do, I was IM'd by my Roleplay instructor,  Forceme Silverspar.
She wanted to know if I wanted to take my final exam --- now.
Since I had just given her the paperwork an hour or two before, I was surprised at the suddeness of it.
Lifting my chin bravely, I said "Go ahead."

  Shortly I was contacted by one of the ROPE examiners, questioned briefly about any scene preferences, and whisked myself off to the test-site.  I then proceeded to engage in a totally unscripted roleplay with a stranger, playing tourist to her guide.

  About 2 hours later,  I was informed that I had passed, with only a small bobble - I had been found guilty of 'doubleposting', which is posting two different sentences before the other participant has a chance to respond to the first one. Fortunately, it wasn't enough of a mistake to fail me, and I had realized my error and knew where I had gone wrong.

This morning, I received my certificate !

Now I'm off to other adventures.......  See you around

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Friends are Fantastic

Hello, it's Chrys again.

 While sitting on my dock the other day, I came to realize that I've been very fortunate in my assortment of acquaintances and friends in Second Life.

  My friends list has always been short - I don't believe in adding every random request that comes along.  I'll gladly give you my calling card, but you have to earn a spot on my friends list - or at the very least show potential as friend materiel.   "Would you be my friend" coming from an unknown avi half a sim away is probably just not the kind of person I want as a friend.  

Sometimes, though, I'll take a chance on someone who's near enough to interact with.   And sometimes..... that turns out to be the best thing I could have done.

  One gentleman (really!) I met at the landing stage for Hard Alley. He was looking for someone to RP with. I told him I was busy, but that I'd keep in touch. I added him on impulse, and I'm glad I did - he's become a good friend.
Another good friend was sitting at the Hard Core one night, watching the strippers, and played to my character a little bit. We exchanged friendship, and now he's one of my best friends in SL - we don't have much of a 'physical' relationship, but we can talk about almost anything.

Other friends were slower in arriving.  I'd known them for quite a while before exchanging friendship.

  One request caught me completly by surprise, but it's turned out well.  Two others were almost certainly long overdue, but I had no hesitation in either accepting or offering when the time came.  I'm hoping that both of them will be my friends for a very long time, and if our friendship develops into something more, I'm good with that.

In short, everyone on my friends list is just that - a friend.  

And I wouldn't have it any other way      

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello, there, I'm Chrys.

 Welcome to my little parcel in the World.  From time to time, I'll be posting observations and anecdotes from my Second Life

I suppose a mini-bio is in order, here, so I'll try to oblige....

 For my first year or so, I was content to wander the Grid, sightseeing, building, taking classes, enjoying concerts, and in general exploring my new world. My friends list consisted of my alt (in case I got ghosted) amd a few people I met at classes, and never saw anywhere else.
I had no idea where all the perverts were, that people were always complaining about - you know, the  "OMG no matter where i go,  men r always hitting on me" type of complaint. And I really had no desire to go looking for them; I probably wouldn't have known what to do if I found them.

 But a while ago, I decided to actually get out and do something -- I decided to explore the 'Steamy Side' of SL.
So I started to get into to RolePlay. I had done LARP in my younger days, so I had a good background in being somebody other than my ususal self.
I found a wonderful set of classes, taught by Forceme Silverspar, which have greatly increased my skill-set.  But the question of where to play...ay, that's the rub.

There were lots of choices - many I dismissed almost immediately, as they didn't fit my idea of what I thought I was interested in.  (Gor just baffles me - but I like the silks)  That left me with the roleplay sims,  many of which seemed to concentrate on forced-sex, which was a radical departure from my 'nice girl' image.
They were.......interesting. Most were either dead empty, or so crowded that you couldn't move.
Some had too many rules to learn immediately, or required a group slot, or just were'nt a good match.   In many places, I felt like I was the newest victim in a long list of victims.  I really didn't know how to be a, for lack of a better word, slut. So I let people just use me, trying, from time to time RP with my 'attacker.'  I had a few good encounters, but it was getting discouraging.   Then I found Hard Alley........

The first few times I was there, I noticed that the main rules seemed to be "Have fun & Don't be an asshole to others"  I liked that, so I ventured into the Hard Core Strip Club one night.

I haven't left yet.